Owner of shave ice Tege Tege, Eitaro is from a southern island in Japan called Amami. In Amami, there is a popular little store that sells shave ice made of real fruit. When Eitaro moved to Kauai, he found many of the same fruits that this shave ice was made of, such as Mango, Passion Fruit and Dragon Fruit.

Eitaro decided to bring a hand crank shave ice machine from Japan, called the Hatsuyuki(which means the first snow). Then in 2012, he turned an old USPS mail deliver truck in to a little shave ice truck and started offering a very special Japanese style shave ice, made with all organic ingredients. Since then, Tege Tege has grown and now operates out of a larger trailer which was custom made by the owner. This one and only organic shave ice can only be found at the shave ice Tege Tege trailer on Kauai. 

"Just right"

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